Emanote is a Haskell program that transforms a bunch of “source files” (Markdown, static files, etc.) into a “target website”, and does so in a reactive manner such that as the source files change the resultant website updates in real-time (thanks to Ema's hot-reload).

Emanote’s high-level architecture is as follows,

  • Emanote.Source: manages source files and communicates them to Emanote.Model.
    • The key concept here is the notion of “union mount”, implemented by Emanote.Source.Mount, which will eventually be made its own Haskell library.
  • Emanote.Model: Haskell types & machinary to represent the source files in memory, as well as a way to efficiently index and query into them.
    • The individual modules in this package should be imported separately to use the specific model types.
  • Emanote.Route: Route types
    • Emanote.Route.ModelRoute: Haskell route types to point to somewhere in Emanote.Model (eg: route to a .md file, or a route to a .jpeg file)
    • Emanote.Route.SiteRoute: Haskell route types pointing to somewhere in the generated site.
  • Emanote.View: Rendering code (HTML, templates, site routes)
  • Emanote.Pandoc: Everything to do with light-weight markup processing
    • Emanote.Pandoc.Markdown: Markdown-specific parsers and syntax.
    • Emanote.Pandoc.Filter: Emanote-specific transformation of Pandoc AST, via Heist custom splicing.

Ema acts as the framework orchestrating two things at the same time:

  1. Emanote.Source.emanate which is responsible for keeping the in-memory Model in sync with what’s on disk
  2. Emanote.View.render which, whilst querying the Model, is responsible for producing the final HTML for every SiteRoute in the target website.

In addition, we have the following non-source files in the Git repository that are vital to Emanote’s functionality:

  • ./default: The primary and first “layer” used, which provides the default HTML templates (we use Heist), index.md and a favicon. Users can override these by creating an equivalent file (same path) in their own layer.
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