TODO Just a skeleton for now.

Remember to document these

  • pandoc -> rewriteClass
  • Heist docs for Ema
    • Helper.Heist
    • Helper.Heist.Tailwind - for <Tailwind-Include /> in head that uses inline CSS in dev server, and include of generated CSS in prod.
    • adding custom splices (when using as a library)

Mega features,

  • notebook layers overlay
  • polymorphic (in filetype, and path signifier) wiki-links: [[Foo]], [[Bar/Qux]], [[Examples/]]
  • linking to ‘folders’ (even without $
  • data cascade
  • s/shortcodes/attribute class/ (i., :::{.foo})
  • Powerful and simpler query system (cf. Obsidian search)
    • Fully customizable ‘results’ layout (eg: to produce blog timeline with summary snippet)
  • Obsidian-style embedding
  • Pandoc filters (Pandoc -> IO Pandoc)
    • Including citations
  • mdBook like search (emanote should provide the index)
  • Ref: top requested neuron features
  • Tailwind styling in Markdown

Known limitations

  • JS unreliability in live-server mode.
    • PrismJS works
    • MathJS does not
  • Fsnotify limitations
    • If doing a directory move/rename, restart emanote.
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